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Boutique VIP Tour Dates


 2018 Tours

September             UZBEKISTAN: Silk Road Tour                     25th September - 10th October 2018  
October INDIA: Gujarat Textile Tour 15th - 27th October 2018  

 2019 Tours

March CHINA: Shanghai International Literary Festival & Tour             14th - 25th March 2019  
March INDIA: Festival of Colours - Holi Festival Tour 14th - 26th March  
July FRANCE: Provence & Lavendar - Women's Tour                                                              1st - 8th July 2019                                  
August  SRILANKA: August   
October   UZBEKISTAN: Silk Road Tour 8th - 23rd October 2019  
November INDIA: Gujarat Textile Tour November 2019  

2020 Tours

March - April JAPAN: Cherry Blossom & Arts Tour 29th March - 11th April 2020  
May CHINA: May 2020  
August ITALY: Ciao Bella - Women's Tour August / September 2020  
October UZBEKISTAN: Silk Road Tour    
November INDIA:     

2021 Tours