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Unique and Innovative Itineraries especially for the discerning traveller:

  • We know how important your holiday is and we will take care of all the little things, so you don’t have to.
  • Our itineraries are well researched and are rich in an amazing pot pouri of authentic cultural experiences, breathtaking scenery, historical sites, and off-the-beaten-track places and include a large variety of local and international cuisine.
  • We ensure your full enjoyment by offering exciting opportunities including spontaneity and flexibility, for exploring, shopping and time for reflection.
  • We encourage you to engage with the places you visit and with the people you encounter along the way who will bring your holiday experience to life.


Genuinely Small Groups:

  • The enjoyment of your tour for us is one of the most important factor of our tours. That’s why our tours never exceed 14 guests; so you can enjoy the friendly, intimate atmosphere while having full access to our experienced tour staff to meet your individual needs. Travelling in our small group tours, you will feel less like a tourist and more like an independent traveller.
  • Our small groups allow us to go to places larger groups are unable to. As a smaller group there is less waiting time when transferring on and off our minivans or buses when sightseeing.
  • Our guests include solo travellers, and we have many, travelling with like-minded travellers who wish to travel, but not travel alone.
  • Yes we really are a true small group tour company.


Genuine Value for Money:

  • Boutique Tours negotiates the best prices with hotels, car companies, restaurants and other land service suppliers to make cost effective package tours, which gives you real value for your dollar.


Quality Accommodation:

  • Each hotel is carefully selected for its location, comfort, style and ambiance. We ensure the service at each of our venues is of a high standard.


Culinary Ways:

  • Our dining experiences are variable. With our carefully selected local and regional restaurants, all with wonderful service and ambience, you are assured to have a truly memorable dining experience.


Dedicated Staff & Service:

  • People make the difference. We bring together professional and friendly staff with profound knowledge of each country and its culture. All our privately escorted Boutique small group tours are lead by our dedicated Tour Leaders, Glenda, Diana, Frances or Deb to ensure you receive the best service and care during your tour.
  • People make the difference. We bring together professional and friendly staff with profound knowledge of each country and its culture. Each staff member is dedicated to your service and comfort during your tour.


Boutique Tours & Travel offer inclusive tours;

  • BT&T include nearly everything as part of your tour cost as is in our itineraries. Sightseeing, excursions, entrance passes to shows and the like. Most breakfast lunches and dinners. Our guests a very appreciative they don’t have their hand in their wallet all the time or have to queue up at ATMs


Our travel style is about lasting experiences. We delight in sharing the journey with you a story that will be part of life’s best memories.  Our meticulous attention to detail blended with our accumulated knowledge create the icing on our travel style