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Small Group Tours

We offer deluxe escorted small group tours for those who wish to travel, but not travel alone. Our deluxe small group tours comprise of 6 - 14 guests. Our small group tours are well resourced, our itineraries are carefully planned and we offer a combination of formally guided tours and free time for your own pleasure. We provide a friendly atmosphere with longer stays, without that feeling of being rushed. We extend to you our personalised service and care so that you may enjoy all the amazing experiences and share great moments with family and friends and appreciate the people and their culture, history, art, scenery and stunning gardens. You will travel with a very experienced guide and or local guides on these journeys. So come join us and indulge yourself in a safe, fun and relaxed small group and share our passion in the journey.

BHUTAN: Boutique VIP "Beautiful Bhutan Tour" - 14 days

Thimphu | Punakha | Trongsa | Bumthang | Gangtey | Paro

Bhutan is one of the last true unspoilt countries on earth. Nestled in the Himalaya mountain range, it has stunning natural beauty, amazing vistas, remarkable architecture and is entrenched by a time-old Buddhist culture. We travel to remote areas of Bhutan and meet some of the most isolated people in the world. Discover the wonders of ‘Shangri-La’ when you travel with us to the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan either as a solo traveller, a couple or a small group so join us and share our passion in the journey.

14 days from US$4250 pp
Early Bird Discount Available

BT&T Boutique VIP Tour
Luxury / Deluxe Tour

BHUTAN: Essence of Bhutan Tour - 7 days

Enquiries Welcome

Paro | Thimpu | Punakha | Paro

Discover the mystery of the last Buddhist Kingdom on earth. The mountain kingdom of Bhutan is renowned for its rich and unique cultural heritage. This Bhutan cultural tour is perfect for those people who have limited time to spend in the landlocked country of Bhutan.

7 days from US$2550 pp

Suggested Tour Itinerary
Luxury / Deluxe

BHUTAN: Glimpse of Bhutan Tour - 5 days

Enquiries Welcome

Paro | Thimpu

Our Glimpse of Bhutan Tour is one of the most popular short holidays for visitors. It offers a glimpse into Bhutan's culture and allows you to explore the historic Buddhist & Hindu monuments. The Kingdom of Bhutan is also known as the last Shangri La on earth to be explored by visitors. This tour introduces visitors to the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture and history of a land which remains the most unspoiled and the most beautiful example of the Himalayan way of life in existence today.

5 days from US$1890 pp

Suggested Tour Itinerary
Luxury / Deluxe Tour


Siem Reap

Cambodia - Cuisine & Culture Tour

CHINA: China Dolls Women's Small Group Tour -12 days

Enquiries Welcome

Shanghai | Tongli, Suzhou | Beijing | Hong Kong

This fabulous 12 day Women’s only small group tour to China; Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong is designed to ensure that we see all the major sites and still have time for great shopping experiences whilst enjoying delicious cuisine with the locals and fine dining at stunning restaurants. Our girls’ getaway caters for both girlfriends and singles and offer a great chance for women from all walks of life to get together, make new friends and exchange ideas. If this sounds great then why not join us and share the passion in our journey.

CHINA: China Discovery Small Group Tour - 18 days

Enquiries Welcome

Beijing | Xian | Guilin | Yangshuo | Longsheng | Shanghai (Suzhou & Tongli) Yangtze River Cruise


CHINA: Golden Highlights Tour - 14 days

Enquiries Welcome

Beijing | Xi’an | Guilin | Yangshuo | Longsheng | Shanghai

China offers a kaleidoscope of both traditional and modern landscapes. Experience the very best of China’s treasures in 14 days. We visit cosmopolitan Shanghai, Guilin and the Li River and witness the incredible Terracotta Warriors. Explore Beijing and climb the Great Wall at Mutianyu. We fly between major centres so you arrive refreshed with more time for sightseeing. Gather a couple of friends, even as a solo traveller and come join us and share our passion in the journey.

CROATIA: Boutique Charismatic Croatia Tour - 20 days

June - July 2021

Dubrovnik | Kotor Bay in Montenegro | Ston | Korčula | Hvar | Split | Trogir | Pag | Zadar | Plitvice (national park) | Senj | Opatija | Beram | Rovinj | Groznjan | Vodnjan | Venice

Charismatic Croatia boasts a rich cultural history and offers visitors several UNESCO heritage-listed historical sites, glittering seaside villages and myriad fortresses, castles, city walls and narrow cobbled alleyways to explore. This 20-day tour begins with an extended stay in famous Dubrovnik where we walk the city walls and explore the quaint old town. We island-hop to lovely Korcula, Hvar, where the glitterati dock their super yachts, and onto Split, for a visit to the incredible Diocletian’s Palace. Walking around the Plitvice Lakes and waterfalls is a true highlight. We stroll some fabulous medieval and Venetian cities of the Istria peninsular and county-side and conclude our tour in beautiful Venice. This tour offers it all including a true gourmet foodie experience. We’ll savour plenty of freshly caught seafood, the finest cured meats and truffles from Istria and famous cheeses from the island of Pag. We’ll visit a fabulous olive oil farm and some small family-run wineries for tastings! Join us as a couple, with a group or as a solo traveller and share the passion in our journey.

20 days from AU$9000 pp

Boutique  VIP  Tour

FRANCE: Boutique Foodie Tour - 10 days

31st August - 10th September 2021

Paris, Dordogne – Sarlat-la-Caneda, Bordeaux

Join our fabulous Boutique Foodie Tour in France in September and indulge in the French lifestyle. We spend three wonderful days in Paris tasting and walking the fabulous left Bank with all it has to offer. Be inspired when we join a delicious cooking class, an experience not to be missed. We then head to the fabulous Dordogne enjoying villages, food and natural wonders as you ascend the dizzy heights especially when it comes to the amazing food and we have a sensational cooking class for you to participate in. Its then onto Bordeaux with food glorious food everywhere. Should say, yes there is free time to stop and shop with a Happy Hour or two along the way.

FRANCE: Champagne & Burgundy Gourmet & Wine Tour - 5 Days

Enquiries Welcome

Paris | Champagne (Epernay) | Puligny-Montrachet | Burgundy | Cote de Beaune | Cote de Nuits | Dijon | Paris

Indulge in this 5 day gourmet & wine tour and discover Champagne, Troyes and Burgundy, Cote de Beaune, Cote de Nuits and Dijon with wines and food of Champagne and Burgundy presented by the experts. Visit prestigious vineyards and discover why the art of living finds its home in Burgundy. This is the ultimate luxury gastronomy and wine indulgence tour of France.

5 days from €3380 pp

Suggested Tour Itinerary

FRANCE: Paris - Covered Passages of Time

Enquiries Welcome


Les passages couvert (covered) or arcades as they are known in English, conjure up a wonderful picture of Paris in the first half of the nineteenth century. Such covered walking areas for shopping and dining sprung up over the Right bank from the Louvre to the Grand Boulevards. Join our tour guide for you own private 2 hour tour of these beautiful historical passages.

2 Hours from €35 pp

Suggested Itinerary

INDIA: "Luxury Classic & Country Royal Rajasthan Tour" - 18 Days

Enquiries Welcome

Delhi | Agra | Ranthambore National Park | Jaipur | Nimaj | Jodhpur | Jaisalmer | Narlai | Udaipur | Mumbai/Delhi

Rajasthan, the ‘Land of Kings’ is India at it most colourful region. This is the home of the proud Rajput princes who have controlled this part of India for a thousand years. Their fortified cities and citadels now enthral the traveller. The people add that brilliant splash of colour and the state contains some of the most impressive wildlife sanctuaries in the whole of India. Our journey will take us to some unforgettable sites in Rajasthan.

18 days from TBC

Suggested Itinerary

INDIA: Boutique Rajasthan Gems, Jewels & Textile Tour - November 2020

October / November 2020: Enquiries Welcome

Delhi | Agra | Jaipur | Jodpur | Udaipur

Join Boutique Tours & Travel on a fabulous Rajasthan Gems, Jewels & Textile Tour with our expert local guide (Phd History of local Arts & Crafts) visiting fabulous workshops and homes

INDIA: Boutique VIP Gujarat Textile & Arts Tour - 13 days

October / November 2020

Ahmedabad | Patan | Modhera | Dasada | Bajana | Bhuj | Hodka & Banni Village | Bhuj

This wonderful tour takes us into one of the most remote areas of India, to villages where embroidery and textiles have been a way of life for generations. As we travel Gujarat, we meet local artisans and learn about the techniques they use, the traditions surrounding their textiles and various crafts and how they live. Join us and participate in workshops for embroidery and block print with masters and be mesmerized and inspired by this wonderful journey. If you love textiles, or know someone who does, you are all invited to join us.

13 days from AU$4950 pp

BT&T Boutique VIP Tour
Luxury & Deluxe

INDIA: Golden Triangle Tour

Departs Daily

Delhi | Agra | Jaipur |

Our Golden Triangle Tour includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and offers a glimpse of the amazing kaleidoscope of colours, some of the cultural diversity and history of India whilst indulging in the flavours, sensations and aromas; a true feast for all your senses. This luxury or deluxe tour is available all year round; an unforgettable journey.

INDIA: Holi Festival - Festival of Colours Luxury Tour -11 days

March 2021

Delhi | Agra | Jaipur | Udaipur | Jodhpur

Join our special Holi Festival of Colours Luxury Tour of Rajasthan India and indulgence in an amazing cultural and festival experiences of this incredible country where everyday of life is a new celebration. This specially designed Itinerary, is punctuated with amazing moments and it will make you feel its heart and soul. The stories of costumes and turbans, languages and people, palaces and jungles, desert and life will leave you spellbound! Take the plunge into this cultural and festival extravaganza with us!!

!3 days from $9980.00pp

BT&T Boutique VIP
Luxury Tour

INDIA: Kolkata & West Bengal: Textile & Tribes Tour: 11 days & Nagaland Extension Tour; 3 days.

25th November - 5th December 2020 & 5th - 8th December 2020

Kolkata | Maheshganj | Murshidabad | Shantiniketan | Bishnupur | Kolkata - Dimapur

This tour is an introduction to crafts specific to this region. We meet a number of masters of their craft and issues important to each community to sustain their craft. There are opportunities to purchase high quality items from the craftspeople. You will discover an Intimate knowledge of the local people, history, culture, arts and food of regional West Bengal. Our small group explorative journey into rural Bengal allows for culturally sensitive aficionados of the arts seeking to “meet the makers.” to complete this magical experience join us on the Nagaland extension tour to the spectacular Annual Hornbill Festival with all the regions' tribes and more fabulous textiles.

11 days 0r 14 days

BT&T Boutique VIP
Deluxe Tour

ITALY: Boutique Foodie Tour - 10 days

9th - 18th September 2021

Rome, Tuscany - Cortona & Siena.

Join Boutique Foodie Tours on the fabulously delicious foodie tour that will not only inspire you as a cook and foodie, but will teach you new skills, give you a chance to sit back and watch culinary experts at work, taste top class food and engage you in an iconic food culture that dates back thousands of years. Includes immersive food tours, hands on cooking classes, farm tours, fine restaurant dining, wine tasting, culture, history, shopping and much more.

ITALY: Venice Tour

Departs Daily


If you are travelling to Italy, Venice is a treasure not to be missed. Venice is an engineering marvel, ornate palaces and marble churches built on top of ancient posts rammed into the very muddy banks of the lagoon. The Venetians were such practical people, escaping the barbarians from the north they managed to build a stunning city in the most inhospitable of places- and what a city it is. Venice is magnificent. Its main square, St Mark’s, can quite clearly be judged the most beautiful in all of Italy – the Doge’s Palace sits overlooking the lagoon next to the magnificent St Marks Basilica – so many treasure in such a small space.

4 days from AU$1980.00 pp

Suggested Itinerary
Luxury / Deluxe Tour


JAPAN: Boutique Cherry Blossom Tour

24th March - 6th April 2021

Tokyo | Mt Fuji | Takayama | Kanazawa | Kyoto | Hiroshima | Osaka

Are you interested in travelling to Japan but not sure what to expect? Then come along and join us as a solo traveller or with like-minded friends as we walk, talk, listen and laugh and discover more than 2,000 years of both the traditional and modern culture and history of Japan.

14 days from TBC

BT&T Boutique VIP Tour

SPAIN: Splendours of southern Spain Tour

Available all year around - Enquiries welcome

Madrid - Toledo | Cordoba | Seville| Granada | Barcelona |

Immerse yourself in the splendours of Spain. It is one of the most diverse and visually stunning nations of Europe. It will dazzle you with it’s architectural feats, it’s rich with historic treasures of medieval villages, world-famous Museums, vibrant, cosmopolitan cities that contrast with sleepy villages lost in time and each with their own culture. Then there’s the hip Tapa’s and Sangria bars and of course Paella. Join us as a group couple or single and be prepare to be enraptured with this beautiful enchanting country.

14 days from AU$6280pp

Suggested Itinerary
Luxury / Deluxe Tour

SRI LANKA: Boutique VIP: Cultural & Foodie Tour

Negombo | Dambulla | Kandy | Ella | Yala | Galle | Colombo

Join us on our fabulous boutique cultural & foodie tour of the emerald isle of Sri Lanka as we explore its culture, food, crafts and more. Savour all the experiences this unique country has to offer. There’s an abundance of treasures to discover including eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.. So join as a solo traveller or gather couple of friends or three, or maybe even a group of friends and indulge with us on this tour of an enchanting tropical island and share our passion of this exotic journey.

14 days1from $4700pp

BT&T Boutique VIP
Luxury / Deluxe Tour

SRI LANKA: Galle International Literary Festival & Tour - January 2021

January 2021


The Fairway Galle Literary Festival, since first launching in 2007 has become one of the most anticipated literary events in south east Asia for both authors and literary enthusiasts around the world.The festival is celebrated annually, in and around the historic Dutch Galle Fort, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on the southern shores of the tropical isle of Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

5 days from $990.00pp

BT&T Boutique VIP 
Luxury / Deluxe Tour

TURKEY - Boutique VIP Culinary & Cultural Tour - 11 days

2020 TBC

Istanbul | Cappadocia | Bodrum | Istanbul

This tour is hosted by food & wine specialists to ensure you experience Turkey through the eyes, lives and tastes of its people and sample the amazingly diverse food and culture of this melting pot that is Turkey. Meet the local people and share their stories, cuisine and passion for living - like you have never done before. Visit local markets and ethnic restaurants and delight in the sounds and sights at the meeting of two continents. This is a wonderfully inspiring cultural and foodie tour. Join us and share our passion.

11 days from TBC

Boutique VIP Tour
Luxury / Deluxe

TURKEY: Boutique VIP Istanbul Gourmet Culinary Tours

Departs Daily


Istanbul Gourmet Culinary Daily Tours offering culinary walks in Bazaars and Markets with tastings giving you a better insight in to Turkish Culinary delights and Turkish food. Home Cooking Classes are available and dining at local restaurants with behind the scene tours. The taste of Istanbul’s gourmet cuisine lies in its Ottoman past. We say “Oh that is very Ottoman. Today, Istanbul’s cooking combines the best of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Turkish cooking courses are aimed at being a full immersion into the Turkish gastronomic culture and include the preparation of real Turkish Dishes. Our gourmet culinary walks offer a better insight in to Turkish Culinary delights and Turkish food.

1 Day Tour from US $125 pp

Suggested Tour Itinerary

TURKEY: Highlights of Turkey - 13 days

Istanbul | Canakkale | Izmir | Sirince | Pamukkale | Cappadocia | Istanbul

Turkey has played a major role in the history of the Mediterranean and is now a melting pot of cultures, You will find it both fascinating and exotic as you tour through some of Turkey’s most awe-inspiring places, and experience culture and architecture like no other as well as unbelievable landscapes. Join us and share our passion in the journey.

13 days  from TBC

Suggested Tour Itinerary 
Luxury Deluxe

TURKEY: Treasures of Turkey - 12 days

Enquiries Welcome

Istanbul | Canakkale | Kusadasi | Pamakkale | Cappadocia | Istanbul

With a 10,000-year-old history and more than 40,000 ancient sites, it is one of the oldest continually inhabited regions in the world. This tour begins in vibrant city of Istanbul with it’s ancient bazaars and impressive mosques. Continue your journey and be in awe of Turkeys many treasures. This adventure offers endless opportunities to entertain and enrich your life experiences.

12 days from TBC

Suggested Tour Itinerary 
Luxury / Deluxe

USA: Creative Escape in New York City

23rd - 28th August 2020

New York City

We provide Vacational Learning experiences in one of the greatest cities of the world. By combining the benefits of acting, art, innovation and travel we ignite your creativity, helping you realise your personal and professional potential. For one week you will be part of a diverse and supportive group immersed in 21 hours of active learning, provided by the city's leading acting and art studios and a global innovation specialist.

UZBEKISTAN: Boutique VIP Silk Road Tour with Textiles & Ceramics -16 Days

28th September - 13th October 2021

Tashkent | Ferghana (Kokand, Margilan, Andijan, Riston) Tashkent | Khiva | Bukhara | Samarkand | Tashkent

Welcome to Uzbekistan! This is a Central Asian gem just waiting to be discovered. With its medieval cities, stunning architecture and colourful history, we uncover all facets of arts and crafts on our journey including textiles suzani, ceramics and other crafts. We travel to Ferghana, rich in textiles and ceramics. We visit all the major UNESCO Heritage listed cities that were trading posts on the Silk Road and explore an amazing variety of their crafts. Come join us and will meet artisans and participate in their workshops; perhaps add inexpensive examples to your own collection or just interact with local people and merchants along the way.

16 days from AUS TBC 

Boutique VIP Tours
Luxury / Deluxe

VIETNAM: Boutique Highlights Tour - 14 days

October 2021 : Enquiries Welcome

Ho Chi Min City | Mekong Delta | Hoi An | Hue | Hanoi | Ha Long Bay,

join us in Vietnam on our private Boutique foodie & cultural small group tour and gain an insight into this beautiful country. We begin in the vibrant city of Saigon. We discover charming city of Hoi An that still retains an old world ambience. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We stop-over at Hue to discover its brief history as a past capital of Vietnam; with its own Forbidden City. Then onto Hanoi, full of personality and the capital of Vietnam. Here, we learn more about the nation’s complex history. Finally, we enjoy an overnight luxury cruise at the World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay. Come join us as a solo traveller, couple or with a group of friends and immerse yourself in a wonderful cuisine and cultural experience.

14 days from AU$4560 pp

Suggested Tour Itinerary 
Luxury / Deluxe

VIETNAM: Essence of Vietnam Luxury Small Group Tour - 8 days

Available: Enquiries Welcome

Hanoi | Ha Long Bay | Hoi An | Ho Chi Ming City (Mekong Delta)

This brief tour visits the highlights of Vietnam, from north to south and encompassing some of its most beautiful scenery and historically interesting cities, including the splendour of the Hanoi. Cruise amongst the tranquil islands of Halong Bay, walk the charming antiquated streets of Hoi An and feel the energy of Saigon. Explore and immerse yourself in this beautiful land and the rich civilisations of this extraordinary country. Along the way you will taste and learn about the quintessential flavours of the delicious cuisine of Vietnam.

8 days from AU$2862 pp

Suggested Tour itinerary
Luxury / Deluxe